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Hermione: Oh Harry! Are you alright? We overheard them talking about the Demetor attack. You must tell us everything.
Ron: Let the man breath, Hermione.
I love them. Both their reactions are so typical for them. And Ron calling Hermione by her name is kind of cute! :D

Harry: Couldn't have put any of this in a letter, I suppose? I've gone all summer without a scrap of news.
Ron: We wanted to write, mate. Really, we did. Only...
Harry: Only what?
Hermione: Only Dumbledore made us swear not to tell you anything.
Hello matching PJs! And ever wondered what they did before he come in? :P And the looks they give each other, priceless. ♥
And the full movie is full of striped, look out for them!

No quotes here. Ron's look at Harry and Hermione's at Ron. The cap is just so pretty, I should make a manip out of this.

The popular train look is definitly one of my fav R/Hr moments in the movie.

Neville: Hi, guys.
Harry/Ron/Hermione: Hey Neville.
Aww, Neville is so cute. And don't they have to wear their cloakes anymore?

Umbridge speaking in the background.
Another of their looks. ♥

Ron: I'm not asking you to write all of it.
Hermione: Oh please.
Ron: I've been busy studying for these stupid OWL exams.
Hermione: I'll do the introduction. That's all.
Ron: Hermione, you're honstestly the most wonderful person I've ever met. And if I'm ever rude to you again...
Hermione: I'll know you've gone back to normal.
Who doesn't love this scene? Well, I do and there are just so incredible cute. ♥

Hermione: What's wrong with your hand?
Harry: Nothing.
Hermione: The other hand.
See that Ron is jealous of Harry because Hermione takes his hand? Well, I see it, lol.

Hermione: Do you ever stop eating?
Ron: What? I'm hungry.
Are that baked bananas? Love them. :D
And Ron is so adorable, gosh. :D

Hermione: We're not learning how to defend ourselves. We're not learning how to pass our OWLs. She's taking over the entire school.
Hermione's summaries are always the best. :D

Hermione: He really is out there, isn't he? We've got to be able to defend ourselves. And if Umbridge refuses to teach us how, we need someone who will.
That is my girl. ♥

Hermione: Hi. So you all know why we're here. We need a teacher, a proper teacher. One who's had experience defending themselves again the Dark Arts.
Some random guy: Why?
Ron: Why? Because You-Know-Who's back, you tosspot.
Ron is clearly trying to help Hermione her, y/y? :D

Hermione: Who cares? I mean, it's sort of exciting, isn't it, breaking the rules?
Ron: Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?
Yeah, Hermione you never broke the rules before! :D And love Ron's reaction.

They look so pretty in their uniforms. ♥

Ron: Don't worry. I'll go easy on you.
Hermione: Thanks, Ronald.
He is so cute and Hermione shaking her head when he goes away! :D

Hermione: Stupefy!
Ron: *makes some not really happy noise*

Ron: I let her do that. It's good manners, isn't it?
It was completely intentional.
He is so embarrassed, but what did he think? :P Hermione isn't without reason the best witch in their year.

This is my most fav look between them. ♥

Ron: How was it?
Ron: You'd think a bit of snogging would cheer her up.
Hermione: Don't you understand how she must be feeling?
Ron: One person couldn't feel all that. They'd explode.
Hermione: Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon...
*all start laughing*


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1 Patty Patty | Web | 30. června 2010 v 15:48 | Reagovat

Ta poslední scéna je nejlepší :-D

2 MisS°N° MisS°N° | Web | 30. června 2010 v 18:12 | Reagovat

[1]: JJ to jo:-D

3 Cherry Cherry | Web | 2. července 2010 v 9:41 | Reagovat

*makes some not really happy noise* tohle mě rozsekalo :D A pak ještě tohle "He is so embarrassed, but what did he think? :P Hermione isn't without reason the best witch in their year." :D Moc pěkné!

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